Right Property, Right Price

Industry research has revealed that engaging a professional buyer’s advocate can drastically reduce time taken to find your ideal property from an average 12 months to less than six weeks. At Arta Real Estate Brokers, we inspect every suitable on-market and off-market properties each and every week to short-list top buys matching your key criteria. We not only relentlessly comb real estate websites and publications but conduct letter box drops and tap into our extensive network of real estate agencies, owners and developers to find properties not yet listed for sale.The perfect combination of timing and expertise leads to our clients making the best offer at the right time on their dream property.

Assessing true market value

As real estate professionals, we exhaustively research sales data in your chosen neighbourhood to accurately assess a property’s true market value to determine if a property is either significantly over-priced or represents excellent value for money.

Title searches & building inspections

We save you time and money by arranging relevant building and pest inspections, finance and conveyancing within our trusted network of highly-skilled professionals renowned for their service excellence at competitive rates.

Analysing investment potential

We maximise sophisticated property investment software to calculate potential costs, rental income, capital gains, depreciation and tax benefits on residential or commercial investment properties for the next ten years.

Negotiating or bidding

We help clients negotiate best possible price at private sales as well as avoid potentially rash decisions during the heat of the moment at auctions.

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